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SipTalk’s Hosted PBX gives you the power to have a smoother, more efficient business call flow system within a matter of days something which is not possible with a traditional phone system. Whether you have been thinking of ways to save money, streamline your telephony needs or just want to get on board with this fantastic technology, you cannot beat SipTalk’s virtual Hosted PBX system. To listen to a demonstration of how the SipTalk Hosted PBX system works, please call 08 8155 6655.

Features :

  • Auto Attendants
  • Free calls between your offices
  • Add Extensions for staff around the world
  • Simultaneous Ring (both your extension and mobile phone)
  • Low call costs
  • Free IVR
  • No setup fees
  • No locked hardware
  • Voicemail to email
  • Conference Room facility
  • Add additional handsets easily to expand your business
  • Australian support

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SipTalk’s Hosted PBX plans

  • Silver

    Monthly Price

    $24.95 *
    * per handset per month.
  • Gold

    Monthly Price

    $39.95 *
    * per handset per month.
  • Platinum

    Monthly Price

    $49.95 *
    * per handset per month.
Enjoy a Hassle Free and Efficient Business Call Flow System

The virtual hosted PBX system provided by SipTalk can help you enjoy a smoother and hassle free communication system. As communication plays an integral part in the overall success and running of the business, having the right system is imperative. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, hosted virtual PBX will be a great addition to your company. As well as helping you to streamline your communication needs, the system will also help you to run your business smoothly. This telephony solution additionally saves you time and money overall. Due to the amazing benefits provided by this fantastic technology, the number of businesses opting for virtual PBX is on the incline.

PBX Advanced Features to Take your Business to the Next Level:

When you choose a VoIP PBX system for your business, you will enjoy numerous benefits. The features incorporated in the system are that of the future. There are upward of ten new features added that you will benefit from. The telephony solutions will take your business to the next level and increase efficiency like never before.