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Features and Benefits

A SipTalk Hosted PBX system will not only have your business running more efficiently, but provides you with dozens of exciting and useful features to help save you time and money. All controlled from SipTalk’s data centre, enabling any of these features is as easy as a simple phone call to one of our friendly staff.

  • Simultaneous Ring (Twinning)

    Enjoy the freedom to answer a call to your main office from your mobile phone. Once setup, this feature ensures all phones listed will ring simultaneously, enabling whichever is answered first to take control of the call.

  • Auto Attendant

    Sometimes referred to as a virtual receptionist, an Auto Attendant can be set up to welcome the caller (“Hi and welcome to [company name]. To help direct your call, please listen to the following menu.”) and direct them to where they need to go. You have complete control over the setup of your Auto Attendant receptionist, including how many voice menus you have, the number of departments, after-hours messages and promotions you wish to play. Messages can be set based on your normal business hours and can be altered to accommodate weekends, public holidays and Christmas closures.

  • Voicemail to Email Answering

    Voicemail provides the perfect answering machine for staff that are in and out of the office. However, answering machine messages can build up quickly and can be frustrating to wade through. Voicemail to Email enables you to check your answer machine voicemail via phone or email, allowing you to return the call by simply clicking on the message.

  • Expandable

    SipTalk’s Hosted PBX is a fully expandable solution, which means that once your number is established we can add up to 4,999 extensions from the one phone number. Whether you have employees in multiple offices, suburbs or states, an extension can be set up to link them to your central phone system.

  • Virtual Conference

    Ever experienced the logistical nightmare of a meeting involving employees on the road or in different states or countries? It can be challenging to find a time and place convenient for everyone, but SipTalk have found a solution! Conduct meetings from office to office and with staff around the world, using any phone available with the Virtual Conference feature. You will be given a permanent number that you can use for conference calls and the system will allow you to schedule conferences, book in employees, remind them to attend and call to bring all of the employees into the “virtual conference room” at the time of the meeting. This feature is optional and will attract a monthly fee of $5.

  • Listen/Whisper/Barge

    Listen – This enables a third person to be included in a phone call without being detected. The third person can enter the phone call without the two parties speaking to each other being notified, hence the third person can “listen” in on the call.
    Whisper – Often used for training purposes, the Whisper feature allows a third person to enter in on a call and talk to the employee without the customer being able to hear.
    Barge – This enables three way conference calling, where a third party can enter in on a call and all callers can hear each other.

  • Hunt Groups

    Ensure call answering efficiency with SipTalk’s Hunt Groups. This feature allows you to define a list of extensions that are rung sequentially until one answers, effectively “hunting” for a staff member that is free to take the call. After a set interval is reached without the call being answered, the call can then be sent to voicemail.

  • Agent Groups

    This feature allows you to place callers into a queue. Callers are queued sequentially and music on hold, as well as recorded promotional messages are played, until an agent becomes available to take the call. Employees can log in and out of the agent group, when logged in and not on a call, new calls will be routed to their phone for pick up.

  • Music on Hold

    This simple, yet powerful, feature can be of great benefit to your business. Play music or promotional messages and announcements while your callers are on hold and enjoy some free advertising.

  • Paging

    Paging systems are a great way to save time looking for staff members that aren’t at their desk. This feature allows you to dial a single extension to page a group of employees or an extension which may be connected to indoor or outdoor speaker intercom. Page an individual or group with the press of a button and locate staff members in seconds.

  • Intercom System

    The Intercom feature mimics the old secretary-boss intercom systems. This is used for communicating with one other person who has a separate extension number, as this feature will not work between two phones that are registered to the same extension.

  • Push2Talk

    Slightly different to the ‘Intercom’ feature, Push2Talk enables an intercom call only while the programmed key is being pressed. As soon as the ‘Push2Talk’ programmed key is released, the call will end. This feature is ideal for group announcements.

  • Customisable Ring Tones

    Avoid confusion throughout the office by allocating customised ring tones to individual handsets, so you can easily identify whose phone is ringing.

  • Call Recording

    This feature enables you to either record all calls or single calls. All calls can be recorded automatically. However if you would like to choose certain calls to be recorded, this needs to be activated by the user at the time of the particular call. A designated email address can be setup for the recorded calls to be emailed to at the conclusion of each call and they will also be available to the domain administrator. Individually recorded calls will be sent to the user’s mailbox, where only they have access to the recording. This is great for training purposes, where an employer can evaluate their employee’s customer call quality.

  • Call Reporting

    Compiling reports can be a tedious task, but is a necessary evil for a majority of businesses. SipTalk’s PBX can be configured to email a summary of their call log by category. This feature helps you to monitor and assess staff activity by providing a detailed report per extension.

  • Handling Anonymous Callers

    Your business doesn’t want to have to deal with time wasters, which is where this feature comes in handy. SipTalk’s “handle anonymous callers” will give callers with no caller ID the following three options: “Please state your name”, which is recorded and announced to you before putting the call through, “This extension doesn’t support calls without a valid caller ID”, “This extension is not available, please leave a message. ”This will help your business “weed out” time wasting calls that are not worth your while.

  • Redirection

    There are always going to be times when you need a time out from phone calls, such as when going over important proposals or when in a meeting. The Redirection feature allows you to direct your calls to an assistant or colleague when your phone is set to busy/time-out/do not disturb.

  • Setting Outbound Caller ID

    Set all calls made from your business to display your main business phone number, no matter which staff member is making the call. Different users can have different numbers, for example, based on their office location, enabling customers to recognise the business that is calling them.

  • Hot Desking

    Temporarily redirect your extension when in another department or away from your desk. Perfect for multiple staff that share one workstation or when contractors or temps are on constant rotation. Make and receive important calls without using someone else’s extension.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Once a mobile has been configured as part of a user’s account, the system will recognize the user when the user calls from that phone. Rather than hearing prompts from the Auto Attendant, the user will hear a new set of prompts from the virtual assistant. These prompts allow the user to make outbound calls, receive a callback, go to voicemail and access PBX functionality from the mobile.

  • Connecting Mobile Employees

    Some staff can spend a lot of time travelling or on the road and are likely to have a company mobile. This can often prove a very costly expense to any business. SipTalk allows employees to keep in contact via a VoIP phone or softphone, which can be connected to a home network, a hotel, or even via a wireless broadband connection through a laptop, and is much more affordable to use.

  • Multiple Extensions per Handset

    A single handset can be setup to ring differently, based on the extension dialled, thus giving the user the opportunity of answering the call with an appropriate greeting. Separate voicemail can also be set up to handle these different inbound numbers appropriately. A great feature for companies with multiple brands and departments using the one handset.

  • Wake Up/Call Alarm

    This feature really needs no introduction. Perfect for employees who spend a lot of time travelling. Forget unreliable hotel alarms or staff who miss the wake-up call, this offers peace of mind for your staff in knowing that they can use their trusted handset to stay on track, even while away from the office.

  • Fax to PDF

    You can still receive faxes with your PBX which will be sent to you as a PDF to your chosen email address. If you have an Auto Attendant set up, it can be instructed to listen for the fax calling tone (the CNG tone). Upon detecting this tone, the system will transfer the call immediately to its destination.

  • International DID

    SipTalk OnPBX offer International DID’s for $10.00 per month plus a $10.00 set up fee. You will need to apply for an International DID as not all countries are available.

  • DND

    Do Not Disturb or DND allows users to silence their phones for all incoming calls. Even calls made to a Hunt Group or an Agent Group will be silenced. DND takes precedence over call forwarding (call forwarding cannot prevent Hunt Group calls from reaching a user’s extension).

  • Unanswered Call Back

    This feature allows you to be alerted should an extension that you’ve previously called has activity (i.e. another call), indicating that the user is back at their desk. Perfect for when you have urgent messages to pass on or if you have someone waiting to see the user who has been away from their desk.

When it comes to SipTalk’s Hosted PBX system, the above mentioned features are truly just the beginning, clearly making this one of the most flexible and comprehensive PBX out there in the market today.

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