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What is VoIP Hosted PBX?

You may have heard the this term and possibly even seen advertisements for various Hosted VoIP providers around the place, but do you know what does it actually mean? The simple answer is that it is a digital telephony service, where the call platform and PBX features are cloud hosted by the service provider. This allows hosted providers to offer businesses greater flexibility within their call flow system, easily activating various features and functions to offer a smoother, more efficient and cost effective telephony setup.

Why should I change ?

Unlike traditional phone systems, this allows you to easily enable/disable dozens of fantastic features over the phone in a matter of minutes. Using a hosted VoIP PBX solution eliminates the need for expensive equipment and cuts out unnecessary line rental, while streamlining your call flow and reducing your call costs. It takes no time at all to have your system up and running and we will work with you to make sure get the most out of your new call flow service.

As well as a fantastic self-managed, user friendly web portal, your new PBX solution comes packed with customizable features, all controlled from SIPTalk’s data centre. The best part is that they are all included in the cost of your monthly plan, there are no hidden fees. SipTalk is also proud to offer you quality assured hardware from well-known brands to compliment the phone plans. snom is recognised for its high-quality IP handset technology at an affordable price. They are reliable with crystal clear sound quality. These phones can be customised with a large number of functions to simplify your business whilst maintaining a high standard of security. Also know more about hosted PBX systems here.